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The Simplest Method for Setting Powerful Goals whitepaper presents an easier and more scalable approach to setting goals. According to Forbes 92% of people never achieve their goals. A significant contributor to this enormous failure rate is that many goals are poorly set from the start. A well-set goal provides the speed and direction necessary for achievement. It should also be easy to communicate so that others clearly understand what is to be expected.

A company’s strategy can be expressed as an array of goals. suggests that 80% of people never bother to set goals. This means that the vast majority of a given company is only partially engaged in helping it to succeed. While leading companies are able to tap into a greater portion of their talent pool and available brain trust, companies that lack a structured approach to goal setting lack the ability to coordinate effort and advance quickly. They’re also unable to adapt well due to a chronic misalignment of priorities.

This whitepaper introduces the concept of 3D Goal Setting, which simplifies the process down to its essentials. It provides a simple method that is easily taught, learned, and applied to create a common language around what is most important to improve for any person at any time. It strengthens alignment for organizational priorities and achievement rates. Lastly, it sets a foundation for a culture of Continuous Improvement by engaging everyone in improving something important every day.

Whitepaper: The Simplest Method for Setting Powerful Goals


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