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Strategy and Continuous Improvement at all Levels

In this webinar, Scott Springer, COO of Lief Labs shares some best practices for driving strategic execution and continuous improvement at all levels. This video [...]

Connecting Strategy with Execution – Matt Barnes

In this second webinar in the Transformation Leadership Webinar Series, Matt Barnes, Managing Partner at Workfast Studios shares some ideas for connecting strategy with execution. [...]

Debunking Myths of Lean, Leadership, Strategy, and Culture with Rick Foreman

This is the first in a series of Transformational Leadership Roundtables designed to provide a platform for people leading transformation in their business. In this [...]

Tres Secretos para una Transformación Lean

Una transformación Lean puede ser una experiencia genial para una organización. Sin embargo, también puede ser una aventura llena de obstáculos si no sé tiene [...]

The 5 Levers of Continuous Improvement Power

This webinar describes the struggles that Continuous Improvement leaders often deal with; it also provides 5 levers that they can pull to accelerate progress.

Scientific Leadership Webinar

This webinar defines the concept of Scientific Leadership and provides tips and resources to help companies transition into a more effective leadership model. Historically, leadership [...]