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Impruver- Value Stream Execution Manager for Continuous Improvement

Automatically establish and update maximum run rates - value stream execution

How fast are your lines supposed to run? If you don’t know, don’t be ashamed; you’d be shocked how many other manufacturers, some you may have very high esteem for, have no idea. The operator on 1st shift has their settings and set run rate; the lady on 2nd shift has a completely different set of numbers. Fortunately for you, the guy on 1st, and the lady on 2nd, Impruver’s Value Stream Manager has a great solution for this problem. Even if you don’t have established run rates, the system allows you to enter your production run data such as run time, units produced, downtime, etc. Then it will automatically calculate the run rate that you have demonstrated. Then it will update your run rate automatically if, at some point in the future, you demonstrate that the line can go faster. This is considered a performance breakthrough in the system. This way, line rates are set for SKU’s and Lines based on demonstrated max rates, eliminating the need to hire a full-time engineer to come up with maximum run rates. There’s no way to challenge if the max theoretical rates are realistic because they’ve been demonstrated by the operators.

Easily parse out reliability improvement opportunities

Nobody is a big fan of unreliable suppliers; you’re not and neither are your customers. So be reliable. Impruver measures reliability in terms of effectiveness and the maximum possible is 100%. To put that in perspective, the best CPG manufacturing companies in the world are barely scratching the surface of 85% OEE. This means you shouldn’t be embarrassed to have some opportunity for improvement. Impruver helps you visualize how much better you can be and categorizes losses by planned and unplanned downtime, throughput (rate), and yield losses so you have an excellent way to know where to focus your improvement efforts. Unreliability and value stream losses serve you no good purpose. The system helps you to continuously root out losses so that you can focus precious resources on more value-added activity.

Impruver- Value Stream Execution Manager for Continuous Improvement

Allow visibility to performance trends by person

Ok, let's agree on the fact that it will be a very long time before humans are no longer needed to run a successful manufacturing business. Ask Tesla how well the idea of ``machines running machines`` is going. To be effective, we need to know how far along our people are coming and continue to build a culture of growth.

Impruver- Value Stream Execution Manager for Continuous Improvement

Pinpoint Greatest Areas for Opportunity

People are our greatest assets. Let’s get them the help they need and put them on a trajectory for personal and professional growth.

Enable Data-driven Decisions

Put the data in the hands of the people making everyday decisions that have an immense and direct impact on the success of failure of your business.

Enable Performance Data Roll-up

A leader is only as great as the performance they inspire. Measure leaders based on an aggregate of their team’s performance.

Drive a culture of positive recognition to increase engagement and growth

Keeping track of the good work your people are doing everyday can be a challenge; but Impruver feeds it right to you so you know who's getting it done and when.

There’s nothing more disappointing as a leader than to find out that one of your employees set a personal best a few days ago and you let them walk right by you and you said nothing – having no idea that they just finished their best day of their career. Ok maybe I’m just speaking from personal experience but trust me…this is really heartbreaking. But it doesn’t have to happen to you. Impruver will show you on-screen popups of personal bests set by your team on the same day so you can celebrate in their success while it’s still fresh. Receive messages of record low downtime, high effectiveness, low rate loss, among several other measures. It’s a great tool for driving engagement and a Better Everyday culture.

What a difference a Hi 5 can make for someone who never gets recognized for the contributions they make. On top of that, can you imagine being that shop floor operator and getting that Hi 5 from the CEO? What an incredible morale booster to know the CEO is paying attention and rooting for you to be successful at your job.

Impruver shares success stories from the shop floor with all levels within the organization so that outstanding contributions can be recognized by the click of a button, stimulating more behaviors that result in Continuous Improvement from the shop floor up.

Some companies reward hitting schedule every day (or even most days). Some reward showing an 85% OEE or 100% efficiency metric. I supposed it can be a good thing to show support for your employees and cheer them on, but behaviors that get rewarded, get repeated. If you reward showing good metrics without them actually making positive changes to achieve that merit, then you may be rewarding looking good but not getting better.

Impruver rewards those who set personal bests. The intent is to reward people as they show gradual improvement, which is what real CI looks like. Getting an 85% OEE after one week just isn’t realistic. But improving a couple of percent every week is absolutely doable and that consistency should be rewarded – everyday.

One of the greatest sustainable methods of generating and maintaining high morale is recognition. Not empty recognition of thoughtless awards or birthday cakes. But meaningful recognition where you have to catch the person doing something great and join them in the excitement while they’re still high on it themselves. An emphatic Hi 5 or a thoughtful comment at the right moment can turn a flight risk into a lifelong employee.

Impruver helps you capture those fleeting moments by letting you know that they’re happening as they occur. Then you and others across your network can share your gratitude while they take a moment to relish in their success. Its fine, they deserve 15 minutes of fame…but also know that tomorrow’s another day. Another chance to go out there and do it again…bring one home for the team. It certainly changes the conversation around the water cooler.


What others are saying about what Impruver is doing for their manufacturing business

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Our operators now have the capability to fix the small things so that we can focus more on the plant's future.

  • Juan Vanegas-Lopez
  • Maintenance & Engineering Manager
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Our plant folks are leading, our customers are happy, and our strategy is moving. Its a win-win-win.

  • Dan Michaelson
  • COO
Client Image

My team now understands what they're supposed to be doing with all the data we have out there.

  • Samantha Fox
  • Director of Operations

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