Impruver Ultimate High-Performance Organization Framework

What is a High-Performance Organization and how do you build one? How do you measure your progress along the way? How do you know when you have lost it?

Everyone wants to love their work, the people they work with, and the results they are achieving. As we navigate unprecedented economic change and uncertainty, largely driven by the pandemic recovery, rising interest rates, and seismic workforce demographic shifts, leaders find themselves in a challenging position to find a path to smart and sustainable growth. Turnover numbers are too high, sales are too low, and those who are selling well struggle to satisfy the demand. Many leaders are turning to build HPOs to increase agility, productivity, cost efficiency, best places to work, and a thriving culture of Continuous Improvement.

HPOs are between 4% and 40% more profitable than their counterparts. They have between 4% and 42% greater total shareholder return. Further HPOs, show between 2% and 18% return on sales than non-HPOs according to a comprehensive study conducted by the Bookings Institute in 2001.

Generally speaking, HPOs are better at achieving their business goals with happier and more productive employees. This is vitally important given the emergence of remote work arrangements following the pandemic. Given the shortage in the labor market, talented employees seek out HPOs when pursuing their next career adventure. This creates a perpetuating cycle of the best companies securing the best people, which only makes them better companies. Likewise, companies  in the lower tier settle for mediocre or poor talent, further spiraling into an undesirable workplace culture.

If you find yourself in the middle or lower tier, how do you turn the tables around and emerge as the leader of the pack? If you’re in the top tier, how do you fortify your position and continue to improve? This whitepaper provides solutions to this challenge that are actionable and highly effective. It breaks down the three core components of an HPO and the role each plays in developing people for superior business results. The whitepaper also includes stats and figures to make the case for transformation. It even includes a technique for measuring where you are in the journey to creating an HPO.

Whitepaper: The Ultimate High-Performance Organization Whitepaper


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