Julie Ann Porcilla - Impruver

Julie Porcillo

June 27, 2022 Admin
Paul Serafino - Impruver

Paul Serafino

June 27, 2022 Admin
Mario Aguirre - Impruver

Mario Aguirre

June 27, 2022 Admin
Account Executive

Mike Lee

June 27, 2022 Admin
Harish Karanam - Impruver

Harish Karanam

June 27, 2022 Admin
Ramu Mani - Impruver

Ramu Mani

June 27, 2022 Admin

Ram is a full stack technology development lead with 18 years of experience. Ram’s unique ability to solve complex back-end problems combined with high standards […]

Calvin L Williams - Impruver Technologies

Calvin L Williams

November 6, 2017 Admin

Impruver Technologies was founded by career-long Continuous Improvement practitioner, Calvin L Williams, who worked for 20 years as an Operations Leader and Engineer with some […]

Maria Williams - Impruver

Maria A Williams

November 6, 2017 Admin

Maria is a thoughtful and experienced business leader who puts Customer Service and Success above all else. Maria holds an MBA and International Business Undergraduate […]

Nick Hill - Impruver

Nick Hill

November 6, 2017 Admin

Nick is a talented and experienced Full Stack technology developer and product manager. With nearly 20 years of experience building and managing technology products, Nick […]