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The Ultimate Strategy Execution Framework whitepaper presents a brilliantly simple process for achieving strategic goals. In a time when businesses face seemingly insurmountable challenges in managing normal operations, the whitepaper exposes how companies can be successful against all odds while developing the workforce of the future.

The failure rate of strategic planning and execution is staggering, with experts including McKinsey and Co and Harvard Business Review citing 70- 90%. This whitepaper presents a stark contrast to the traditional approach of annual strategic planning, suggesting more of an operationalized rolling approach to strategy execution. It tactfully applies the Lean principle of single-piece flow to the planning, management, and execution of company strategy.

The poor results that we see with traditional approaches are symptoms of more basic management problems, which can be described as a lack of strategic focus, a low sense of urgency for execution, and an inability to adapt to disruption.

This whitepaper offers an easy 3- step solution founded on the scientific approach to problem-solving and helps leaders to develop and apply this critical capability at scale. It also explains the psychology behind human achievement and how you can apply this science to increase the likelihood of success within your organization.

According to a Cambridge University study, 86% of people have no idea what is their company’s strategy. In contrast, it’s said that during the 1960s moonshot mission, even the janitor at NASA completely understood the collective goal and their unique role in helping the organization to succeed. The Ultimate Strategy Execution Framework enables the level of focus that made the moonshot and many other of humankind’s greatest achievements possible as detailed in this fascinating whitepaper.

Download The Ultimate Strategy Execution Framework whitepaper to learn how to go from a below 10% success rate of strategy execution to above 90% while developing a sustaining culture of Continuous Improvement.

Whitepaper: The Ultimate Strategy Execution Framework


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