Impruver Root Cause Analysis
  • March 7, 2019
  • Maria Williams
  • RCA

Root Cause Analysis ( RCA)

Video Highlights: (watch the video for in-depth insights)

RCA a process that you use to resolve some of the visible issues that you see at the root level.

One way of portraying RCA is as a tree. At the leaf level are the issues that you see at the surface in your organization like unplanned downtime, long changeovers, absenteeism, etc. The trunk of the tree represent the problems that people can think of first and the cause of the surface issues. Sometimes, the root-cause problems are harder to identify, so they are represented at the root of the tree. The idea is to fix the issues and problems by resolving the issues and making changes at the root level.

Why is RCA important?

1. Understanding and development

2. Multiplier effect. The same root level issue is contributing to many different problems.

3. Permanent issue resolution.

Commonly used Methods

1. 5 why

2. Fish-bone diagram.

3. Why tree analysis

RCA effectiveness

PLAN – Make sure the problem you are approaching is worth solving? Does solving this problem provide the business results the organization is looking for?

DO – Drive follow up actions to completion.

CHECK – Validate that you have produced the result you were looking for? did you OEE improve?

ACT – Decide to go back through the RCA process or capture and share key learnings.

How can help you with RCA?

Impruver can help you deploy any of the tree RCA methods mentioned above, all in one feature. Impruver also help you manage all the action items that come out of the RCA process, furthermore, the software will help you validate that you have achieved the results you were looking for.