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Develop Problem-solving Capability at Enterprise Scale with Impruver's RCA Tool

Solve the problems that lie between your current and target condition using this intuitive and powerful tool. Connect strategy to tactical action by using this tool to get to the root of your company's biggest problems.

Impruver Root Cause Analysis

``We have more clarity of what’s happening with our operation and what we need to focus on. Also seeing much higher engagement in driving productivity. Sense of urgency has also increased.``

Nedim Zekeriev
Production Manager
Mid-sized Food Manufacturer

Why Use Impruver's Root Cause Analysis Feature?

Capture all Challenges

Create a list of all challenges that stand between the target and current condition

Facilitate Experimentation

Provide structure to an iterative improvement process by applying root cause analytics to a sequence of challenges

Create a History of Experiments

Use metrics and the history of improvements to pinpoint the effectiveness of changes results from RCA

How Impruver's Root Cause Analysis Process Works

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Engage Your Organization and Clients in More Effective Root Cause Analysis

  • Develop a list of challenges that are keeping your organization from achieving its target condition
  • Get to the root of each challenge using 5-Why, Fishbone, and Why-Tree Analysis
  • Automatically track follow-up items using the Digital Action Board
  • Use metrics to assess the real impact of changes being made
  • Facilitate and automatically share your improvement plan with others
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