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Visualize opportunities for improvement, categorized in buckets of Planned Downtime, Unplanned Downtime, Rate Losses, and Yield Losses. These losses correspond with Availability (A), Performance (P) and Quality (Q) respectively; however, the results are reflected on the basis of 100%, showing exactly where you have room to improve.

Impruver OEE

Damon & Troy using Impruver

``Nobody is saying – that’s just how its always been anymore. Everybody is looking to solve the problems that are holding us back instead of living with them.``

Troy Magruder
Director of Manufacturing
Mid-sized Food Manufacturer

You Choose How to Generate the Data

IIoT Method

We can set up sensors on the line to automatically collect data and feed it via to the cloud

Data Integration

Impruver will integrate with existing software and PLC systems to automatically populate data

Manual Entry

Users can manually enter data into Impruver to enable greater control over what is put into the system

How to use Impruver's OEE Tracking and Reporting Feature

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  • Receive daily OEE emails including performance results and qualitative comments
  • Set performance alerts based on triggers of exception or underperformance
  • Filter OEE results by date, user, shift, line, and SKU
  • Group OEE results to see side by side comparison by date, user, shift, line and SKU
  • Calculate savings opportunities to justify improvement ideas
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