Impruver Leadership Standard Work

This video explains how a practice called Leadership Standard Work can be used to provide structure to your Continuous Improvement initiative; resulting in improved direction, drive, and sustainment of your CI progress.

Topics include:

What is Leadership Standard Work?

Characteristics of LSW activities include:

  • Proactive
  • Routine
  • Structured

Why is LSW important?

What is the Best Practice in LSW?

This section provides an overview of Impruver’s Layered Review and Coaching model

What are some tips for improving the effectiveness of your LSW Process?

  1. Use Recurring Calendar Meetings
  2. Distribute Ownership
  3. Focus on Coaching and Talent Development

Leadership Standard Work provides a backbone for Continuous Improvement and helps leaders understand their role in driving and sustaining systematic innovation. Impruver’s approach is enhanced by our technology solution which provides the information, tools, and kata coaching system needed to accelerate progress.

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