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Employee successes are broadcasted throughout the organization

When was the last time you congratulated someone on your team for achieving a personal best in manufacturing execution? If you said you have no way of knowing when someone achieves a milestone or breakthrough in performance, you're not alone...but you can change that. Impruver makes it much easier for you increase stakeholder satisfaction by:

Give 'em a Hi 5

In one click, give someone a virtual Hi 5 when they have an outstanding day. They’ll appreciate the fact that you care.

Identify the Stars

See trends on who is consistently improving performance and can perhaps help develop the Continuous Improvement mindset in others.

Drive Deeper Engagement

Engage employees in a productive dialogue using the Better Everyday Wall by posting comments and recognizing jobs well done.

Reduced operating costs result in greater shareholder value

People are happier when their time and talent are put to the highest and best use. Engage your workforce in identifying and eliminating waste, resulting in increased operating margins and an overall healthier business. And I’m sure other key stakeholders wouldn’t mind seeing the company producing consistently great results either.

Impruver - Increase Stakeholder Satisfaction

Impruver - Increase Stakeholder Satisfaction

Increased ownership in organizational performance

People don’t want to just work…they want to make a difference. Studies show that the average employee is about 30% engaged at work. One of the most significant contributing factors is lack of development opportunities, which is a shame because there are no shortage of problems that need to be solved in any given business. Impruver helps people tap into their true potential by developing stronger problem-solving capabilities at all levels and deploying that talent against the company’s most important challenges. This results in higher engagement and business results to be proud of.

Evolve from a ``fire-fighting culture`` to one that consistently outperforms the competition

How much time are the leaders in your manufacturing company spending putting out fires versus preparing the company for a successful future? 70%? 85%? 99%? This dynamic is created by an inability to effectively solve problems at lower levels in the organization...and it can change.

Coach employees to become more proficient at applying root cause analysis and driving action plans against the issues affecting their work area. The better they get at eliminating issues, the less issues bubble up for leadership to have to deal with.

This approach empowers the workforce to take on greater and greater responsibility as they are also fighting less fires over time. From there, watch morale and engagement increase as people feel more respected and valued by the company.

Impruver provides an effective approach to organizing improvement activity around the company’s most important problems and facilitating a coaching dialogue to develop talent over time.

It’s not a fun job when your days are completely consumed by base work, or the minimum amount of work needed to hit schedule or keep the lights on. This is similar to always being in survival mode and never quite getting to the fulfilling work that was promised in the brochure. It’s all work…no play. All cake…no icing. All pain…no gain; you get the idea here.

Instead, develop the problem-solving talent needed to minimize the amount of time needed to execute base work so that bigger and more worthy challenges can be pursued. To do this, Impruver helps clarify the expectation that just doing base work is inadequate and everyone should be engaged in driving the company forward as well.

As employees reach higher and higher plateaus in their ability to tackle the company’s greatest challenges, a funny thing happens. There seems to be more hours in the day. At this point, a new problem emerges – its the one where you’ve got more people doing low-level work than you probably need.

Of course you wouldn’t want to start letting people go after you’ve made such an investment in developing their talent. Of course some will leave on their own as life may take them in a different direction. But for the ones that stay on for the journey, they will have been transformed into highly productive assets that can be deployed against even greater business challenges, resulting in an even more fulfilling career experience and stronger results.


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Our operators now have the capability to fix the small things so that we can focus more on the plant's future.

  • Juan Vanegas-Lopez
  • Maintenance & Engineering Manager
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Our plant folks are leading, our customers are happy, and our strategy is moving. Its a win-win-win.

  • Dan Michaelson
  • COO
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My team now understands what they're supposed to be doing with all the data we have out there.

  • Samantha Fox
  • Director of Operations

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