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At Impruver, we believe that you should tape it before you glue it, glue it before you nail it, and nail it before you bolt it down. We invite you to use Impruver for as long as you want for free. As your company, along with our technology, realizes success, you'll inevitably want to include more people on the Continuous Improvement journey. If we're not successful in providing you with a technology that more deeply engages your organization in CI, you shouldn't have to pay.

Bolt-on Services to Help You Get the Most Value from Your Business

We have trained and Certified professionals ready to assist you in your Continuous Improvement journey at your call. The following services are available on-demand to lighten your load and ensure your success.

Have a Certified expert work with your teams to implement the Impruver system in your company

Full On-site Implementation

Deploy an internal Continuous Improvement Certification program or have key individuals Certified

CI Certification

Work with a Certified Coach or Consultant to develop scientific thinking and increase the rate of useful innovation within your team or company

CI Coaching / Consulting

Connect other software or data systems with Impruver to automate the flow of information from one system to another.

Technology Integrations

Have a Certified expert work with your teams remotely to implement the Impruver system in your company

Remote Implementation

Engage your team in a highly interactive, hands-on performance improvement experience with Impruver’s Continuous Improvement Workshop. They’ll learn Toyota KATA, team problem-solving, and so much more!

Impruver CI Workshop


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We’ve seen a 360 degree transformation regarding buy-in for Continuous Improvement from our leadership team

It’s really helped us translate the sea of data into meaningful action for driving daily improvement

Rebecca Dorne, Plant Manager

Impruver has slotted beautifully into our operation and the results have been incredible

John Petrone, COO