Target Conditions

This video explains how to develop Target Conditions forĀ  Continuous Improvement.

Topics include:

What are Target Conditions?

Characteristics of an effective Target Condition include:

  • Leading Indicator
  • New Behavior or Skill-oriented

Why are Target Conditions important?

  • Communicates direction for yourself and organization
  • Accelerates talent development
  • Increases adaptability / agility

What is the Best Practice in Target Condition and Improvement Kata?

This section provides an overview of the Improvement Kata process

What are some tips for improving the effectiveness of your Target Conditions?

  1. Start Small
  2. Align. Align. Align

Setting effective Target Conditions enables Continuous Improvement and the development of scientific thinking within your organization. In encourages the development of talent so that the workforce can be engaged in the problem-solving process for greater organizational effectiveness and adaptability.

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