Flavorchem Whitepaper - Impruver

Increasing cashflow is on the minds of many business leaders during this time of economic uncertainty. Many of us will be forced to make some very difficult decisions this year. As we watch the headlines roll in about how titans such as Amazon, Ford, Meta, and all the others slashing their workforce, we can’t help but to assess our own cash position and fret that we might be next.

Fortunately, some companies have figured out how to thrive, even in times of volatility and uncertainty. Flavorchem is one of those examples. They have applied a powerful, newly discovered process called Agile Strategy Execution to produce enormous results, increasing cashflow by $2M in just a few months while creating a healthier and more rewarding company culture. The cashflow increase has been validated by CFO, Jim Evanoff, who was seeking to drive some operational efficiencies. Jim was close to contracting a high priced consulting firm but backed out due to astronomical fees. He took a different route and it paid off in a big way, enriching the company’s Continuous Improvement capabilities. This decision has changed the trajectory of the company, positioning Flavorchem for growth, even during a potential downturn. Employees are also excited that the leaders have chosen a more rewarding way to get business results.

Check out this whitepaper for details on Flavorchem’s story and get ideas for how you could increase cashflow while improving company culture as well.

Whitepaper: Thriving in Disruption - How Flavorchem Increased Cashflow by $2M in 4 Months


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