Impruver - Internal Continuous Improvement Certification Program

This video explains how to create an effective Internal Continuous Improvement Certification Program to ensure a base-level of CI proficiency, skills, and leadership coaching throughout your company.

Topics include:

What is Internal Continuous Improvement Certification?

Characteristics of Internal CI Cert activities include:

  • Coach/Instructor-led
  • Quantitative
  • Qualitative

Why is Internal CI Cert important?

  • Systematically engage the organization
  • Improves business performance / agility
  • Self-sustaining process

What is the Best Practice in Internal CI Certification?

This section provides an overview of Impruver’s Internal CI Certification process

What are some tips for improving the effectiveness of your Internal CI Cert Process?

  1. Leaders Go First
  2. Respect the Chain of Command
  3. Apply Learn / Do / Teach Model

Internal Continuous Improvement Certification helps to develop critical CI, scientific thinking, and problem-solving skills while simultaneously generating outstanding business results. Impruver’s innovative technology aides in the effort to upskill your workforce and improve performance.

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