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Engage in an Immersive Workshop to Experience the Thrill of Real Improvement

This transformative Continuous Improvement workshop educates participants on the key elements of driving a culture of growth; then immerses them in developing the skills to drive tangible and sustaining improvements. This fun and hands-on exercise, complete with a scoreboard, a team challenge, feedback from the customer, and so many other exciting details, leaves participants ready to go and take on the biggest challenges facing their businesses. You'll learn the following skills and concepts during the event:

Practice Coaching & Improvement Kata

Practice a fail-proof technique to apply the scientific method to a real hands-on process

Leverage Analytics

Learn a repeatable approach to using data to develop meaningful actions and drive process improvement

Succeed through Team Collaboration

Use collaborative team approach to problem-solve your way to success in iterative improvement cycles

Bring this Tranformative Continuous Improvement Workshop to Your Factory

Would you like to provide your entire leadership team with a strong Continuous Improvement foundation? Would you like to have your plant team engage in a live hands-on demonstration of some key concepts that could be used to expedite your CI journey? Why not have us come to your facility to conduct this high-impact workshop? You will see a visible transformation in their attitudes towards how CI can help deliver key business objectives. The workshop requires a minimum of 6 people and capacity of 10.

Join us in Atlanta, GA for our next Continuous Improvement Workshop

Join other manufacturing operations leaders in an immersive event to learn from hands on experience a systematic approach to applying the scientific method to improve process performance. Build critical Continuous Improvement skillsets while being challenged to improve process performance using a team-based approach. Identify the role of leadership in driving a CI culture and capability into your organization. Click the link below and register for one of our upcoming workshops in the Atlanta area. Space is limited (10 per event) so act fast.

Continuous Improvement Workshop -

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