Impruver PDCA
PDCA and the scientific method for driving improvement Video Highlights: (watch the video for in-depth insights) PDCA, also known as Plan, Do, Check, Act or adjust [...]
100+ Lean Tools -
Lean, Six Sigma, and other Continuous Improvement tools can be great assets for any operation given they they are used the right way. The first [...]
One of my favorite MEME's that has been floating around the internet says something to the following effect: CFO asks "what if we invest all [...]
The Fat Factory -
DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to fat shame you. It's intended to fat shame your factory. So it's time for your dreaded annual check-up. [...]
Customer Value Bill of Rights -
You've probably heard the expression that you succeed by helping others to be successful. Well that's also true for a manufacturing business. Truly putting the [...]
Beyond Autonomous Maintenance -
Okay so you've achieved and are sustaining base condition across your entire plant, now what? Does Continuous Improvement end there? Machines are running in peak [...]
Big Problems with Big Data in Continuous Improvement -
Just like with anything, there's two sides of the coin when it comes to Big Data. We've all heard how Big Data is going to [...]
TPM and Lean Manufacturing -
When it comes to TPM and Lean Manufacturing, there is a divide among Continuous Improvement professionals as to which is subordinate to the other. What [...]
Generate Demand for Continuous Improvement -
Why is it that we're always searching for the next Lean Tool that's going to transform the organization? With each passing fad or Continuous Improvement [...]
Base Condition -
News Flash: If you're experiencing frequent breakdowns during production runs, you're probably not in base condition. If your operators are calling maintenance several times per [...]