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Impruver Provides a Working Business Model for Continuous Improvement Coaching

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According to, business coaching is a booming industry, citing 1 in 6 business leaders are either using or interested in coaching services. The problem with business coaching, especially Continuous Improvement or Kata Coaching is that its just too impractical to get desperately needed outside help. Its too expensive to pay a coach to fly into town, stay at a hotel, visit the site, just to spend 15 minutes walking through what the learner has put onto the Kata Board. Further, it takes time to develop the targeted capability. As a result, Continuous Improvement coaches are turning to Impruver.

With Impruver, you have all of your favorite Continuous Improvement coaching tools such as strategy deployment, target condition setting, metrics tracking, root cause analysis, experiment / action planning, and others all in a single digital platform. Your clients would enter their info in real time so that you can check in daily to help ensure their progress. Communication tools such as chat, assigning and managing follow-up actions, and others are incorporated so that the coaching process remains continuous, enabling more effective development of scientific thinking.

Benefits of Becoming a Partner

Impruver makes it easy for you to engage your clients, enabling you to bring them more value with less stress on both sides.

Increase Credibility

Get Certified in Continuous Improvement, Level 1 Coaching, and Level 2 Coaching

Get Paid to Coach Others

Impruver will provide you with clients then pay you to coach them

Service Corporate Clients

Lead implementation of Impruver for corporate clients
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Succeed the Impruver Challenge, get certified, and Impruver will provide you with new clients.

Get Permission-based Access to Your Clients Improvement Activity and Results

Review Client Data in Real-Time

More Visibility to Client Data Means More Focus on Improvement

View user metrics in real-time to assess their progress against their target condition. Easily send clients daily messages gaining clarification on data, sharpening their thinking on what’s happening, and building better problem-solving capability.

Strategic Alignment

Drive Leadership Engagement and Support

Improvement work that doesn’t align with the company’s strategy may not be improvements at all. Engage the enterprise by helping clients set vision statements, target condition, target due dates, and deeply understand current condition in alignment with company strategy using this simple but powerful tool. You’ll have visibility to this tool once your client grants you access to their system.

Coach Problem Solving

Teach Them to See and Solve Problems

Gain visibility to their problem-solving process to teach them how to identify and get to the root causes of the challenges keeping them from reaching their target condition.

Ensure Effective Experimentation

Coach Them to Apply the Scientific Method

Gain visibility to your clients’ action plans to ensure effective experimentation and follow-through on improvement plans. Also use this tool as a ledger of changes to enable faster research for those “what did we do and when that produced such a great result” conversations.


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