Autonomous Maintenance

This video talks about Autonomous Maintenance and its implications for your organization.

There are 4 things that autonomous maintenance does for your organization.

1. Build Operator Capability. Turn your people into human sensors so they can respond a lot faster and reduce overall loses to your production process. In the traditional environment there is a reactive approach to maintenance, action is only taken when something breaks. A better thing to do would be to unlock more of the operators potential by teaching them how to use their senses to prevent breakdowns.

2. Achieve and sustain base condition. Peak operating condition. Through autonomous maintenance, the operator can address any issues a lot sooner, so the machines can remain operating around base condition, minimizing your loses in the process.

3. Extends equipment life. Normal wear is always going to happen. On the other hand you have force deterioration. Force deterioration are factors that are controllable that are declining your equipment’s life. This is damage to the machine due to misuse, negligence, contamination, etc.

4. Enables superior business results.  You can hit schedule with a lot less hours, this can result in savings, throughput increase, lead-time reduction, quality improvement, increased safety.

How does help you? helps you drive the work against the opportunities that you have for improvement. Also, the Kata Coaching functionality helps leaders develop people capability across the plant at a faster pace. Finally the employee engagement functionality makes it easy to recognize every small and big wins throughout the day, and showing the entire organization that they are getting better every day!

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