The Fat Factory -
DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to fat shame you. It's intended to fat shame your factory. So it's time for your dreaded annual check-up. [...]
TPM and Lean Manufacturing -
When it comes to TPM and Lean Manufacturing, there is a divide among Continuous Improvement professionals as to which is subordinate to the other. What [...]
Generate Demand for Continuous Improvement -
Why is it that we're always searching for the next Lean Tool that's going to transform the organization? With each passing fad or Continuous Improvement [...]
Base Condition -
News Flash: If you're experiencing frequent breakdowns during production runs, you're probably not in base condition. If your operators are calling maintenance several times per [...]
Change Management in Continuous Improvement -
If you search for Change Management across the interwebs, you'll get all kinds of results, much of it focused on understanding and coaching a person [...]
Continuous Improvement Coaching -
The practice of Continuous Improvement coaching has increased in popularity over the last decade, partly because of its clear connection with achieving superior business results. [...]
Impruver Digital Transformation Training
Let's see, the data is accurate and complete, there's an obvious business case, and this change will make everyone's job so much easier. There will [...]
Everyday Small Wins -
Well if a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...and a Lean transformation is a journey; then when do we get to celebrate? [...]
Command and Control vs Continuous Improvement -
Command-and-Control organizations are built around principles of efficiency, speed, and execution. On the surface, these sound like good qualities of a Lean organization as well. [...]
Unstoppable Lean Culture -

The 5 Essential Levers of an Unstoppable Lean Culture

September 13, 2018 Calvin L Williams
There are over 1,000 Lean tools and counting that can be used to improve processes and help a business become more Lean. All them have [...]