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Manage and Improve Communication Around the Improvement Work

Imagine all of your facility's action items centralized in one easy-to-use interface. Add action items, monitor progress against improvement experiments, assign recurring items and ensure sufficient progress is being made against key objectives.

Impruver Action Items

``It's increased our accountability by an order of magnitude. Having all action items in one place has made Impruver a useful tool for all functions``..``

Jenni Rench
Director of Quality
Mid-sized Food Manufacturer

Impruver Action Board

Impruver's Action Board Includes Several Great Features in One

Create & Assign Action Items

Create one-time or recurring action items to support in improvement efforts and routine maintenance

Create & Manage Improvement Ideas

Generate ideas for improvement and route them through the appropriate channels to generate cross-functional buy-in

Maintain an Log of Experiments

Keep a running history of experiments and changes made so that cause and effect relationships can easily be established

Overview of Impruver's Action Board

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Build Great Accountability and Execution with Impruver's Digital Action Board

  • Improve follow-up, execution, and communication around the work needed to drive improvement
  • Maintain a historical ledger of experiments / changes to better understand what’s really driving results
  • Generate more ideas for improvement and gain cross-functional buy-in
  • Engage the enterprise in continuously improving their areas of ownership
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