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Introducing a Powerfully Innovative Way to Practice Continuous Improvement

The Impruver Accelerator is a fast-paced, high-impact approach to Kaizen Coaching program that produces outstanding results in little time. It can also be done 100% remotely!

Produce Outstanding Results

Improve throughput, cost, quality, or whatever you determine is most important to improve. Current customers see anywhere from 25% to 150% improvement in just 6 weeks.

Get Certified to Coach Others

Learn a powerful tech-enabled method for developing a Continuous Improvement culture, then coach others to improve what’s most important for them

100% Remote

Drive Continuous Improvement from anywhere you are in the world (or from home). The Impruver Accelerator leverages technology to enable accelerated improvement.

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The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step; however, who says that step needs to be miserable. The Impruver Accelerator provides you with everything you need to drive personal and business transformation and have fun doing it.

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Earn Evidence-based Certification in Continuous Improvement, 1st Coach, and 2nd Coach

Enhance your career and credibility with the Impruver Continuous Improvement Accelerator, then help develop this critical professional and life skill in others

Earn Continuous Improvement Certification

Succeed the Impruver Accelerator by developing and demonstrating the habit of daily improvement within 30 days and become eligible for Certification. This powerful skill will have a transformational affect on your professional and personal life.

This achievement also gets you one step closer to becoming a Continuous Improvement coach.

Impruver Continuous Improvement Certification
Impruver L1 Daily Improvement Coaching Certification

Earn Your 1st Coach Certification

Impruver will provide you with the tools and clients you need to earn your 1st Continuous Improvement Coaching Certification. With these credentials, you have the authority to get paid to coach and help certify people working to develop the habit of Daily Improvement. It also means you have the capability needed to coach your internal teams on this crucial life-changing habit.

This achievement also gets you one step closer to becoming a 2nd Continuous Improvement Coach

Earn 2nd Continuous Improvement Coaching Certification

As a Certified 2nd Continuous Improvement Coach, you have earned the highest achievement in the field. Not only have you demonstrated the habit of Daily Improvement in your own work or life, you have also proven the capability to coach other CI coaches to success. Impruver will provide you with paid coaching engagements with 2nd Coaches to build and sustain your practice. You have the authority to certify new 2nd Coaches and enterprise clients. This Certification also prepares you to lead internal enterprise Continuous Improvement program.

Impruver - L2 Daily Improvement Coaching Certification

Get the Impruver Software, a Certified Coach, and a Supportive Community

Get everything you need to achieve and sustain outstanding results; then pay it forward by coaching others to do the same

Cloud-based Tools

Engaging & User-Friendly Technology

Impruver’s innovative Continuous Improvement Software provides the right tools to develop the habit of daily improvement

Certified Coach

Get Results Faster

Your coach will help you overcome challenges and reach targets that would otherwise be impossible

Supportive Community

Go Further Together

Your community of others on the Continuous Improvement journey will help propel your growth

The Power of Daily Improvement Habits

Continuous Improvement, more than anything else, is a habit. The best way to form a lasting habit is to do it daily over a sustained period. Scientific studies and research have confirm that it takes anywhere between 18 and 254 days to form a new habit. Working with an experienced coach can bring the average habit forming time to about 21 days.

The Impruver Accelerator is designed to help you develop the habit of making one improvement per day using a combination of Continuous Improvement Software, Certified Coach, and a Supportive Community of others on the same journey. James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, famously stated that getting 1% better every day leads to a 37.7x improvement over the course of a year. Impruver’s mission is to scale the development of the incredible habit of daily improvement throughout entire enterprises, institutions, and for personal use. Can you imagine the rate of growth that your company can experience if every single person makes one improvement in the right direction, with the help of a Certified internal or external CI Coach, applying the scientific method to validate the effectiveness of their improvements on a daily basis? The results would be astronomical! In fact, mid-sized food manufacturer, World Technology Ingredients (WTI), was able to increase production output by 97% in 90 days using Impruver.

Aristotle said that “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act; it’s a habit.” True operational excellence cannot be achieved by copying and pasting the most visible elements of what other companies are doing without forming the habit of daily improvement within the people. Leaders who have not developed the habit of daily improvement cannot sustain Continuous Improvement because they are unable to help others develop this habit. This is also true for sports or any other area where excellence is desired. Professional athletes practice daily in the presence of their coach to improve their game to reach the top of their game. Leaders and coaches need to develop the habit of daily coaching cycles to reinforce the habit of daily improvement within their teams.

Once this habit is formed, tools such as Root Cause Analysis, Value Stream Mapping, OEE, 5S, Gemba Walks and others can have real meaningful impact. Information, analysis, and discussion without a vehicle to translate it into action can also be a form of waste. One-and-done improvements don’t sustain when people lack the mindset and habit of daily improvement. Daily Improvement requires a person to constantly be in the mode of looking for the next improvement idea, big or small. Without constantly being this mode of thought, it becomes easy to step over problems and fall back into survival mode right after a change is made.

Join the Impruver Accelerator and develop the transformative habit of daily improvement, then coach others to do the same; altering the course of their lives, your business, and the entire world!

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