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Be first to capture emerging market opportunities through effective deployment of strategy

Nothing hamstrings business progress like lack of clarity on which way the business is heading. This is especially true for CPG manufacturing businesses with a fair amount of machine automation. Better to establish clear alignment on direction as a company and build the speed and agility to dominate in the target area of growth. Impruver helps to accelerate the deployment of strategy in the following ways:

Increase Agility

Be first to the shelf (or search engine) by developing raw speed and agility in your people through enhanced problem-solving capability.

Increase Responsiveness

Markets and consumer tastes move quickly. Establish a manufacturing business that can outpace the market – and it starts with your people.

Develop Flexibility

Create a can-do-culture where people can successfully experiment their way to the future state without compromising the core business.

Impruver Deployment of Strategy

Systematically drive alignment

Just having a strategy is the easy part. In fact, most leaders don’t really struggle at all with developing a strategy. The challenges to strategy deployment start happening immediately afterward when it either doesn’t cascade clearly or people get distracted from driving it through to execution. Impruver solves this problem by enabling each employee to establish their vision and target condition based on those of their leaders; then leaders can review and digitally verify that the business is aligned from the CEO down to the janitor.

Ensure that everyone understands how their work contributes to the vision

Each employee should be able to draw a clear connection from the problems they are working to solve and the company's overall vision. Impruver provides a unique interface to simplify this potentially complicated process.

What good is a vision statement that nobody can see? With the Impruver Strategy Deployment process, users can see the vision statements of employees, peers, and leaders all the way up the chain of command to gain a clear understanding of which way the company is going.

This enables users to better align their own broader strategy to those of the people around them. For example, as a front line supervisor, my vision statement should be a clear cascade to support the delivery of my manager’s vision.

One of the most destructive dynamics of effective strategy deployment is competing agendas. People sometimes inadvertently (let’s give the benefit of the doubt here) work against their peers, direct reports, and even managers in some cases. This is due to a lack of alignment of target conditions, or the specific area of focused improvement, usually targeted for short-term execution.

Impruver encourages everyone in the company to establish a target condition for themselves relative to their area of the business. Then managers up the chain of command can digitally verify that these target conditions are in line with their own. This creates a cascade of defining what’s important or most valuable to be improved from top to bottom.

Once Visions and Target Conditions are established, verified, and linked throughout the organization, you’re done with this strategy deployment stuff right?…Wrong!

Now it’s time to put the rubber to the road by deploying improvement activities to close the gap between current and target condition. Impruver facilitates this by helping users launch problem-solving events such as Why-Tree analysis to help run measured experiments until winning solutions are discovered.

Develop talent by coaching employees

You may not believe this but in some places, people sometimes bring up problems and wait for management to fix them. Can you imagine a system where folks closest to the problem (even shop floor operators in some cases) have the capability, authority, and desire to fix it themselves? Imagine how much better the quality of solutions would be if they were developed by the person who has to live with it day in and day out. To create this powerful dynamic, leaders need to develop their capability as level 1 and level 2 coaches and encourage everyone in the organization to pick an important problem and work at it until it’s solved. This method turns everyone in the company into Impruvers.

Impruver Deployment of Strategy


What are other's saying about how Impruver is helping their businesses?

Client Image

Our operators now have the capability to fix the small things so that we can focus more on the plant's future.

  • Juan Vanegas-Lopez
  • Maintenance & Engineering Manager
Client Image

Our plant folks are leading, our customers are happy, and our strategy is moving. Its a win-win-win.

  • Dan Michaelson
  • COO
Client Image

My team now understands what they're supposed to be doing with all the data we have out there.

  • Samantha Fox
  • Director of Operations

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