Create a thriving and sustaining culture of Continuous Improvement throughout your company with Impruver

Engage everyone in Continuous Improvement every day with Impruver

Combine Continuous Improvement Education with Execution in One Seamless Experience

Enable a more personalized Continuous Improvement journey for every person in your company

Impruver Dashboard


Roll up the Business Impact of projects and stories

  • Roll up business impact and cost savings
  • Drill down into projects and stories
  • Filter and search based on your preferences


Kanban-style Continuous Improvement Project Management

  • Build projects in a few clicks
  • Add team members easily
  • Add and track Action Items to completion
Project Management
Impruver Storyboard


Use an Agile or Toyota Kata-style approach to Continuous Improvement

  • Set goals for improvement by person
  • Track progress against goals over time
  • Maintain a log of experiments for better coaching


Train your people automatically as they engage on their unique improvement journey

  • Achieve Lean Six Sigma Certification
    • White Belt
    • Yellow Belt
    • Green Belt
    • Black belt
    • Master Black Belt
  • Track the certification status of your team
  • Network and share best practices with other practitioners
Impruver University

Check out these other exciting features that make Impruver the #1 Continuous Improvement Software

Impruver Rewards

Create a rewarding work culture with Impruver Rewards

  • Offer your team rewards for their achievements
  • Choose what you believe will motivate them to continuously improve
  • Set “prices” on rewards to reflect the value of achievement
  • Your team can trade in their “Impruver Cash” to redeem rewards

Set a goal and your AI Coach will help you achieve it

  • Sharpen the relevance of your automated idea feed by setting a goal for yourself
  • Establish a direction, distance, and deadline for improvement
  • Leverage your artificial intelligence coach to keep you motivated to achieve your goal on time and in full
Goal Notification - Impruver
Root Cause Analysis - Impruver

Get to the source of your most challenging issues with Root Cause Analysis

  • Centralize all your RCAs in one location
  • Provide a simple and digital format for all RCAs
  • Assign follow-up actions to improve execution and resolution

Apply Agile Strategy Execution to achieve organizational goals

  • Set and align goals throughout your organization
  • Apply Agile principles to drive sprints to continuously improve
  • Ensure everyone has a goal and is achieving as expected
Strategy Deployment 2 - Impruver
Impruver Idea Stream

Get a steady feed of best practices and improvement ideas from people like you

  • Learn what people like you are doing to get better results
  • Connect with people who have a similar job title, industry, goal, and other relevant details
  • Take advantage of improvement ideas automatically generated by AI

Empower your teams with Autonomous Performance Management

  • Provide your employees with the data and information they need to self-correct in real time
  • Use 360 performance reviews after each sequential goal is achieved to evaluate soft skills
  • Export team performance in flat file format to be uploaded into HRIS systems for annual reviews
Performance Review Feature - Impruver
Gap Chart 2 - impruver

Execute goals using Agile Sprints

  • Apply a data and results-driven approach to Continuous Improvement
  • Evaluate where you are in your journey to where you should be at any point in time
  • Apply scientific thinking by executing PDCA (or FIT) cycles until you succeed

Coach others to achieve their goals

  • Leaders can apply the principles of Leaders as Coaches to accelerate improvement
  • Consultants and Coaches and access the accounts of your clients to help them achieve more
  • Internal Continuous Improvement leaders can support teams to drive progress against their goals
Team Performance and Earnings - Impruver
Impruver Certificate of Achievement

Earn Rewards for Getting Results

  • Earn Impruver Cash for completing action items and making progress toward your goal
  • Earn Certificates of Achievement for getting business results
  • Trade Cash with your peers or purchase rewards offered by your manager

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