Why Impruver

Impruver is a subscription-based Lean Manufacturing software that engages your entire company in improving their area of the business in alignment with the company strategy

Subscription-based Lean Manufacturing Software

Increase Competitive Edge in Your Market

Increase your competitive edge by accelerating the pace of improvement.

Create a Powerful Culture of Continuous Improvement

Create a culture of Continuous Improvement by engaging everyone in improving something important.

Increase Satisfaction on All Sides

Increase stakeholder satisfaction by growing operating margins and further engaging your workforce.

How You’ll Get Results

Key Features

Ensure that everyone's improvement efforts are applied directly against the company strategy, creating speed and agility that no competitor can match.

Subscription-based Lean Manufacturing Software

Seamlessly deploy strategy from the CEO to the shop floor and maintain alignment with this user-friendly interface. Scroll left and right to review the priorities of leaders, peers, and employees to drive alignment, engagement and execution.

Digitally verify that your employees are driving improvement in alignment with your strategy.

Stop waiting for a small handful of leaders to solve all the production problems in your manufacturing business. Turn every single employee into a problem-solving expert, equipped with cutting edge tools to get to the root and drive out the issues they’ve been living with forever.

This tool incorporates best practices such as 5-why, Fishbone, and Why Tree root cause analysis, which can be applied to solve over 95% of the problems plaguing your business. Then enables leaders to coach employees as they experiment their way to success.

In your endless quest of rapidly deploying strategy and overtaking competitors, never lose sight of the blocking and tackling basics of Value Stream execution. Monitor losses, prioritize opportunities for improvement, and launch problem-solving activities to continue striving towards operational excellence.

Easily assign follow-up actions to others in and outside of the plant and track the work to completion to optimize results.

Celebrate success, recognize personal bests, share best practices and drive a culture of positive recognition around continuous improvement using the Better Everyday Wall. This is similar to a Facebook wall, except no cat videos or foreign spies seeking to extract your personal data by nefarious means.

As people continuously improve in reducing planned and unplanned downtime, increasing throughput and yield, and improving efficiencies, your internal network is instantly notified, driving the right kind of conversations around the water cooler.

Subscription-based Lean Manufacturing Software

By applying advanced encryption, 3-layer security protocols, and highly reliable technology as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, you get all the bells and whistles of a World Class Lean Manufacturing Platform for peanuts compared to outdated technologies.

Simple and User-friendly Interface

No training required as layouts and aesthetic design are highly intuitive. Embedded instructional videos also help users navigate routine tasks with ease.

Innovative Technology

As a browser-based software, Impruver provides you an excellent platform that can be accessed from any internet-enabled device with any common browser.


Check out what others have to say about Impruver

Client Image

Our operators now have the capability to fix the small things so that we can focus more on the plant's future.

  • Juan Vanegas-Lopez
  • Maintenance & Engineering Manager
Client Image

Our plant folks are leading, our customers are happy, and our strategy is moving. Its a win-win-win.

  • Dan Michaelson
  • COO
Client Image

My team now understands what they're supposed to be doing with all the data we have out there.

  • Samantha Fox
  • Director of Operations

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